About Me

Hi! My name is Krit and before I go any further, no I am not in any way tied to the rapper “BIG K.R.I.T.” To be quite honest, I wish I could rap! Anyway, I am an old soul with a child-like heart stuck in a 26 year-old body. It’s quite an ironic mixture. I seem to stand-out everywhere I go, but I find that it is much harder to fit in, so why not just embrace the weirdness?

I am the girl that continues to hold on to hope and optimism rather than succumb to a world of realistic sorrows and no tomorrows. I believe that the love of my life is out there and is worth waiting for, yes the whole Disney “Someday my Prince Will Come,” is definitely me. I am not at all ashamed of who I am and who I want to be. An aspiring physician for those who do not have the power to speak their needs.

Currently, I am earning my Master’s of Public Health over 3,000 miles away from home. Where is home? California. Where am I now? District of Columbia. I am at the center of change. And hope with my time here, I can create the change I hope to seek for my future patients and fellow humans.

The goal of KriticallyAcclaimd is to share my journey. The trek that I have been on for one sole purpose: to create a positive impact on as many lives as possible. To touch a soul and remind them of true kindness. KriticallyAcclaimd gives you a A Kritical Look at the world through my lenses. My goal is for you to see what I have seen. Feel the beat of my heart through every word that I write. I want you to join me, to feel the butterflies in the pit of your stomach when I fall in love. I need you to sense the way the blood rushes to my head when I am overwhelmed. My goal is to have you sense the world Kritically.

Have I sold you yet? If so, hop on in, I dare you to join me on a ride for the books!