Wants. Needs. Hopes. Dreams.

She wanted so much.
She wanted it all.
Love in all forms
Platonic, romantic, exotic
without panic.

She wanted it.
Since the first time she looked at you,
she thought that she knew,
what she had wanted.

It grew,
her wants for you,
turned to needs.

She craved it,
every day,
she needed & needed.

Halt your thoughts,
her craves were innocent,
the crave of acceptance,
the crave of a future that deemed

Her needs ruined her.
Because they were never needs,
they were wants.

Unvalidated wants.

They were hopes.
The hope that one day,
her dreams
would become a reality.

And one day,
she woke up.

Needs. Wants. Hopes. Dreams.
They were unreal.

She woke up.
Gazed at the life she really lived in.
The life that was hers.
The life that she dominated. 

She. Dominated.
Not you,
not the unnecessary,
not the wants,
not the needs,
not the hopes,
not the dreams.

This was her life,
the life she chose,
and she loved it.

But occasionally,
she’ll leap back into her..
and dreams.

She looked over at the face of innocence,
and was reminded of her
and dreams..

and in that on moment potential relapse,
she remembered,
this was her life,
this was her choice,
and she took control,
gained the power
and gave herself
N  E  W







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