Day 12


Fantastic Friday! Today was filled with excitement. Adventure! And just a chance to chill TFO and have a great time. It was super duper long, but in a good way, shall we?
1. My Past Bosses  This is a retrospective thanks, but today truly made me so thankful for having great experiences with my past mentors and bosses. My personality attracts chaos. It is kinda hilarious but anyone that has ever meant anything to me or has changed my life in a positive way has had a very multi-task, multi-goal, thriving in chaos personality. And I truly mean this in the best way ever. I just work well being self-sufficient and without the need to be micromanaged. I am just so thankful I know what kind of work environment sets me up to thrive vs fail. I know acclimation is also very important, but when you have the luxury to choose – I will definitely know what is best for me.
2. Megabus! I am so thankful for public transportation and the ability for it to transport you between two cities at an amazing rate. It is so cool. See I’m from CA and things are definitely not as close in proximity as one would think. No I can’t just hop on a bus from SF to LA and expect to see all of Disneyland in one day – absolutely does not work that way. They’re like 8 hours apart by bus. Whereas here in the East Coast I hopped on a bus from DC to Philly and managed to still have a great night and was not too exhausted.  Pretty dope, right?
3. Comfort level 100 when I got to Philly! I am so glad that Meghz and her PhillyFam are so chill and down to earth. I think this weekend is going to be great and I am truly just looking forward to 1) being a tourist, 2) being a local & 3) getting out all the chill vibes before one of the hardest (or more than likely the hardest) semester of my life. I know it’ll be great!!! And then I go into lockdown mode. #cave

Wellll! That’s it! I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday and do not forget about why you are thankful for today!!!! ❤



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