Day 11

hi hi hi! what a THRILLING Thursday it has been indeed. Why you ask? Well I think I’ve said this plenty times in the past but my life is SPONTANEOUS beyond belief. Things do not go to plan and I take that as a way of running to the next adventure, why cry over spilled milk, when you can go find an oreo milkshake, duh! LOL ANYWAY, optimism is key, so let’s dive a little deeper into today’s thankful, thrilling, Thursday!
1. Amaaaayzin Co-Workers aka Friends! I think I dislike referring to the friends that I make at work as co-workers, because work is basically an excuse to make new friends. Co-workers make it seem like we are forced to hang out with each other – which we definitely are, lol, but we choose to chill outside of work, and in my book you have definitely made it on the friend list. Anyway, I am thankful we got to bake chocolate chip cookies – FROM SCRATCH – today. It was the first time I had ever done so, and let’s just say it will not be the last. They were heavenly! I wish I could share some with you all through the screen!
2. Meghzy Poo So remember how I mentioned things do not go to plan and how my NYC trip was slowly dwindling down? unfortunately all my friends could not go to NY anymore. Leaving me with an air bnb for at least 4, and just me hopping on a bus into the city that never sleeps – alone. That would not be ideal. Thankfully, one of my really good friends who I recently reacquainted with #blessed totally allowed me to crash her MLK weekend in…..Philadelphia! Thank you so much Meghu! With that said, I booked a bus ticket to PA less than 12 hours before I board. Seriously, I was not kidding about the spontaneity!!! I am so excited and really looking forward to just hanging out and chillin’ out majorly. Thankful for great friends.
3. FACETIME SESH WITH FAM So, so, SO thankful to virtually hang out with my sister, mom and brother. (Missed my Dad T_T). My sister is such a sweetheart, she’s putting together a care package and I am so thankful for just the thought. It makes me so happy!!! I miss them all so much and I hadn’t had the chance to catchup with them since I came back. My mother is such a blessing, it was so fun updating her and then she got all proud of me toward the end. And obviously Dave made me glow because he reads these posts every night before going to bed, my sister catches up with them but Dave is dedicated. Thank you all so much. I love you all to the moon and back and then to the stars and all over. Thank you all for the unconditional love and support and seriously I am doing all this for you all.

Okay, enough mushy/gushiness obviously feeling some type of way. Anyway, my post tomorrow will be from Pennsylvania – HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

Love to all.



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