Day 10


It was a Wonderful Wednesday indeed! I loved it all, I mean except for my headache and tummy ache, it was an awesome Wednesday! Why? Well…
1. Met with my Mentor And she inspires me and motivates me so much! Not only did we put together steps for us to move forward with our research plan, but I got a chance to talk to her about my personal future plans. And let’s say the grind is going to be SO REAL. But I have to put through my best effort. And I am so ready for this. I am so thankful to have someone so brilliant and resilient and freaking, excuse my French, BADASS to guide me toward my goals. So excited. Also I am going to APHA 2018!!!! San Diego, here I come!!
2. Mini Catchup Session With Gabz After work today I got to hang out with Gabs for a little bit, which was so nice. She is one of my first friends from my cohort that I got to catchup with after Winter Break!! So it was nice seeing her and just talking. #thankfulforfriends
3. Restorative Yoga Session Like I had mentioned earlier I was not feeling all too great. Maybe it was my subconscious freaking out over having to take a major test again, so I chose to do Yoga today as a way of #selfcare. Anywho, thankful that I had the time to have a chill session.

Anyway, it is late. I am so sleepy and my tummy is still funky. So night night.



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