Day 9


Terrrrrific Tuesdays! That’s how I awoke this morning, feeling blessed that it was not below 30 degrees today! Woohoo!

1. Free Panera! Yes you so did read that correctly! My boss managed to snag free $15 vouchers for the soft-opening of the Panera at work! YES FREE FOOD. Hell yeah! It was awesome. I got a grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup AND  a chocolate chip cookie. #blessed? #yes!
2. Membership to NASPA With my job, I have to become a facilitator in order to Certify Peer Educators. With my training I receive a year-long membership to NASPA. How awesome is that? And the perk is that I do not have to pay for it – covered by work. So thankful for this! Beyond thankful!
3. STREAK REVIVAL LOL I know this sounds super millennial –  which I do not even know if I count as one…since i was born in ’91, I guess I totally am – but my best friend and I awoke this morning to learning that our 205 day streak had DIED. WE FREAKED OUT. Well I think she freaked out more than me, bless her soul – this is why I love her, and she hit up Snapchat IMMEDIATELY and it was restored. #RTToSaveALife LOL.

Today was pretty awesome. I am looking forward to tomorrow to!! A lot of good things stirring up! Bless up!

Life is beautiful when you are enjoying the little things.



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