Day 8


Another week begins! Woohoo! New weeks are always a chance to start anew. A clean slate is always fun on the path to success. So, what was so awesome about today…
1. First Day of Work Yes! It was the first day of the second semester. Although work is not the most ideal – to be quite frank I do not feel like I am growing all too much – it still brings the money and there is room for growth. I am thankful I have a means of income and am able to utilize that money to feed myself.
2. 30 Second Dance Parties are THE BEST!! And I managed to include it in my cardio session today. YES so thankful to have got up and moving. The goal is to hit my fitbit goal (8k steps) every day this week. Hopefully I can reach 10k in two/three weeks. #progressisperfection So I danced for an hour, YUP an hour and reached my 8K goals. S/o to Lil’ Wayne, 2Pac, YingYangTwins, Nelly and everyone who brought me joy today LOL
3.  Trips That GO Awry aka becoming Spontaneous Sigh, unfortunately our awesome MLK NYC getaway is not going as planned, BUT s/o to Hera for sticking through. I am so thankful that you will still go and we are going to have a freaking AWESOME time. I 100% believe it and know it. To be quite honest, planning never has gone well for me so I am not surprised at all. But I always believe the Universe be looking out and there is good reason for this for sure.
4. BONUS THANKFUL NOTE: Mentor’s Post Today my mentor posted on IG about how thankful she was to the team for putting together a remarkable grant proposal….and then she posted a dedication picture to ME! OMG. I cannot believe it. It was the sweetest gesture and I really could not believe it at all. It brought me so much joy that I could help her out and honestly she is thoroughly #GodsGift to me!!!! Very very thankful and blessed to have such an amazing professor, mentor, PI and friend ❤



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