Day 7


Seven days of thanks complete aka one whole week of thanks. This is kinda great! So far, there have been some days that I find difficulty with finding what I am thankful for. I am guessing that is part of the process. To really gear down to what are the parts of life that you take for granted and do not truly appreciate. Interesting, aye? Anyway, ONE WEEK DOWN! 51+ to go. So today is Sunday and it was yet another lazy day. Although, I did leave the apt once, woot woot. AND SURVIVED. – #thankful

  1. Grocer at Trader Joe’s He was super nice and made me laugh even on the most freezing day to be walking to grab groceries. My face and fingers hurt so much, but the experience was great and I am definitely thankful that I have the ability to purchase groceries to begin with.
  2. Journaling Thanks to my secret santa, aka Dave the Rave, I have a brand new journal to start noting my thoughts in. This ties into my resolutions for this year in terms of my mental awareness and mental health. So today, I started recording my thoughts once again, in my new journal. I was low-key inspired by Elena Gilbert – The Vampire Diaries – I know super embarrassing. But thankful that I was able to pickup a good habit again!
  3. Text from Pika I am super thankful for Pika’s random text to me, although I am crazy bad at communication it always makes me so happy when my peeps think of me, even if I have fully lost it sometimes. Super excited to catchup with her, hopefully tomorrow! Again, very thankful to have friends that regularly check-in with me!!!!



Always thankful. Tomorrow I start work again, yippee. Although I am totally not looking forward to officially leaving break, I am definitely thankful to have a job that brings some kind of money to the plate. Hopefully I’ll have a new blog post up tomorrow, on something spectacular!!!!!



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