Day 6


Today’s my first official day back in the East Coast. I wish it was eventful, but it was filled with relaxation – to the maximum degree. This also may be due to the fact that it was not above 17 degrees here….but #thankful

Random Food in my Fridge/Pantry Thankful that I managed to freeze my bread in December so that it did not go bad and I had a great breakfast this morning. I am also super thankful that I had random pasta, pasta sauce and a good onion to put together a decent dinner – AND NOT BUY OUT. AYE!!!! So proud, especially because Shake Shack sounded SO TEMPTING.
Unpacking with Good Vibes I lit a candle I got for Christmas (S/O to DTR for the awesome candle), put on some Vampire Diaries (yes I’m rewatching it) and literally just unpacked with good vibes/the heater on so I don’t have to deal with the below freezing temperatures.
Catch-Up Sesh At this point I’m sure you all are realizing that because of distance, catching up with friends is always on the thankful list. This time I got to catch up with one of my bff’s from college via facetime! It was pretty fun and it’s always great to see a friendly face. To think it had been as long as it has, is so crazy! But we always manage to keep in touch regardless of the distance or crazy hurdles that come up in between.

For someone that has not left the house, I say I am purely so thankful for the opportunities to be thankful! Ahh tomorrow’s my last Sunday of break and then it is back to the grind!




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