Day 5


Travel Diaries. Today was the infamous West Coast to East Coast travels. I left home at 4AM. But it was not too bad. And made it to DC at 4:30PM. That was approximately 15 hours of traveling. I was thankful for a lot including:
Thank you to the random girl behind me in the TSA line who helped me get my life together at 6AM. It was early, I was clearly dysfunctional and you so graciously offered me two gray boxes to put my abominable snowman jacket, combat boots, laptop and carry on in. That was RIDICULOUSLY sweet. Most people are often so cranky in the TSA line, regardless of the time, but you came in clutch. And I will always remember your chill attitude and caring nature. Thank you so much!!!!
Smooth Flights, omg no delays thank you mother nature and United Airlines for not having any delays at all. I had a great flight. To be quite honest, my second flight from Chicago to DC was so chill, I had a WHOLE ROW to myself. YES. YES. YES. I slept so well, and was thanking the Universe for the awesome alignment of my stars.
Past Krit Thank you so much Past Krit for cleaning your room so nice and tidy. There is something about coming home to a nice and clean environment. I loved it so much. I just lounged. I don’t even know what I did the rest of this evening, but I chilled so hard. It was great. It was a great night back. Always thankful.

Kinda boring, but the real deal. Always finding thanks.




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