Day 4


Day four has been kinda, sorta, super lazy. Why? Well yesterday we had a 4.5 EARTHQUAKE. Which leads me to the first thing I am truly thankful for:

Shook, but still alive There was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Berkeley that was felt throughout the entire Bay Area. It was 2:39am and I saw the earth move. I thought it was my eyes tripping out as I cranked out my research grant proposal. I am so thankful that the earthquake did not hurt anyone in my family. I am thankful that my entire house awoke and laughed it off in my room I am thankful that everyone I love was okay.
Family Today was my last day at home home. I want to give a huge shoutout to my family. They are amazing. My little brother with his dedication to my detox, which I am hoping to make him proud by continuing to pursue my healthy pathway. My sister who so nicely gathered all my crap because I had to sleep super early due to a terrible stomach ache (haha thanks universe). Thank you so much for being so open toward be this break, it truly meant the world. I love you. My father, who was emotional from the morning onward, I know we do not know when I will be back in CA, but I have cherished all of the memories made this break, promise! Last but not least, my Momma. You are the best, I know I get annoying and we have our mini quarrels, but we also have great deep conversations that I hold so dear to my heart. I love and miss each one of you so much. Counting down until the next time I will see you all.
Ability to Be Lazy I am thankful I stayed in all day and truly was able to do nothing, but everything. I sure did enjoy those little moments of nothingness. I know I’m going to miss it as soon as I go back.

Well that’s a wrap. Sending you all so much love. And so thankful to all for reading this.




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