Day 3



Mom’s appreciation for my enthusiastic optimistic personality I think it is pretty awesome how my Mom is able to understand and appreciate who I am as an individual. She understands that I like to enjoy my life with a light heart and a huge smile. Although, there are some days where I know she would appreciate me to be more “serious,” but today she understood why I do what I do. We were visiting my grandmother at the nursing home today, you see my grandmother suffers from dementia. She has reached the point where she no longer has any basic human functionality. It is never easy to see someone you love turn into something you or anyone else can recognize. While we were visiting, I attempted to create the mood a little lighter by bringing up old funny memories, and as per usual sounding like a two-year-old. My aunts and mother thoroughly appreciated it. After leaving, my mother noted how important it was to enjoy the small moments, even in times of sadness.
Spontaneous Study Sesh with Twin After visiting my Grandma I needed a major study session. So I went to my local, Bay Area Philz( absolute fave coffee) to get my focus on. I randomly invited my Twin (Side story: We reunited after 4 years and since then it has been pretty amazing! As if we never stopped talking) to join me so it could be like back in college. And it was! We had a grand time, and I got a lot of work done, which obviously was the point.
Game Night At Smushu’s with his friends I LOVE BOARD GAMES. And I completely am grateful for having a super fun game night with the OGs (Anki, Dave, Yashu & Meghz) & two of Yashu’s friends. It was so hilarious. We played Deer Lord! (this super hilarious game that was filled with dares and challenges), Cards Against Humanity (i officially own it!) and the one and only Mafia. So thankful for good times and hang out seshes where we are not worrying about anything!

Overall, the countdown to DC begins, but I am truly enjoying my last couple days in the bay!




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