Day 2


Day DOS my loves! Today was pretty awesome in a simplistic, yaas kinda way. I have no idea if that makes sense but in my head it did.

  1. Dentist I know the dentist isn’t something that a lot of people enjoy going to, but I do because I have had a lifetime of dental issues in the past 26 years. Yup, you name it and I’ve probably had it done to my teeth. I know TMI. Going to the dentist today, I got my routine Invisalign checked…and my dentist was VERY ecstatic about how great my teeth are looking. WOOT. WOOT. So grateful to be on awesome terms with my dentists. She’s been there for my teeth for the past 3-4 years! YAY! Thanks!!!
  2. Date with my High School Bestie I caught up with one of my best friends/wifey from high school! Omg, we became friends in 2006 after she moved from Oregon into the same apt complex and she has seen/heard it all. Yup, she’s dealt with crazy stalker Katie. Kray Kray Krit from college and now the sophisticated but still maturing Krit. Although it had been over a year since we had seen each other, we still manage to meet up as if it was yesterday. I love it! And I’m super excited for her to come to DC, hopefully sooner than later. I really hope to stay more connected, but I always know we’ll never lose touch.
  3. Dave the Rave My little brother aka Dave was so adorable today (I mean he’s always amazing and supportive). So he has been helping me through this 5-day detox that I have been working on as I came into the new year. He new I was out with my HS bestie and went ahead and prepped my din din salad with my mom. It was super nice and sweet. (Idk if my mom forced him into it, but I’ll take it!) Thanks DTR! #thankful

What are three things you’re grateful for today!? Comment below!!! I’d love to hear. And remember little things go a really long way!

With Love& Positive Vibes Always (WLAPVA?),



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