New Year, New Me?


It is so interesting to think it is already 18 years into the 21st century. Take a second a let that soak in. I remember 1999 (okay not entirely, I was only 8 years old) and the hype around Y2K and now 19 years later, the world has grown so much.

Anyway, I promise you this post is not focused on an existential crisis. I will definitely save that for another day. This post is solely focused on the concept of New Year, New Me and the my new year’s resolutions.

As I slide into 2018 I am not aiming to become a new version of myself but a more improved version of myself. 2017 was a great year academically and socially, but I definitely did not prioritize my health and well-being. This year I hope to create realistic goals for myself and I am hoping to create accountability via monthly check-ins. I can make all the new year’s resolutions I want but there is no point if I do not create an action plan. I am going to do so by creating SMART goals – yes for those of you involved in Public Health or Research I am definitely applying my academics to my personal life (which is a great wait to learn and practice)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SMART goals, it is an acronym for making ideal/realistic goals

Measurable ← BIG DEAL HERE

Before I go into my SMART goals for 2018. I thought I might practice in what I learned in 2017 (found here), recapping the greatest moments of 2017, and what I hope for 2018! – inspired by Dr. Cassie Majestic.

The Greatest Moments of 2017 (in no particular order):

  1. Spending the New Year in India filled with spiritual cleansing, much-needed meditation and positive vibes, always IMG_6820
  2. Flying to Seattle, Washington with my fraternity family and bonding with my great-grand-little (s/o to Christina!)! Honestly I love traveling and really exploring new lands. ALSO, I got to order a drink at the first ever Starbucks!!!  IMG_7203
  3. My adventures with HOTTS (half of the sinister six, aka my best friends Jazz and April)IMG_7696
  4. GOING TO HARRY POTTER WORLD aka Universal Studios LA. Literally cried, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen on this coast
  5. Saw three amazing human beings move forward into the next chapters of their lives, saw my boss go back to college (amazing) and guided so many individuals toward their respective paths.
  6. Completed of 2,500 hours of service to my Clinic!!IMG_4403.JPG
  8. Went to Texas for the first time ever and had an amazing time with the frat fam!IMG_3609
  9. Travelled along the East Coast & Canada (first timer!) with my India Family!!! Which was an absolute blessing!!
  10. Moved into the heart of D.C. Yes. Washington, District of Columbia
  11. Became involved in a cause that is so, totally, worth fighting for #advocacy

Although this year I was 100% blessed there is obviously tons for me to work on, with that said, here are my Goals for 2018:

  1. Spiritual Health: Spend 5 minutes every morning to center myself before I move forward with the day’s activities.
  2. Mental Health: Spend 15 minutes every night reflecting on the day’s events and note 3 things I am thankful for at the end of the day. Inspired by Dr. Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen.
  3. Physical Health: Spend at least 20 minutes every day working out for me. Whether that is HIIT, PIIT, Cardio, Lifting, Yoga. Anything. Just minutes.
  4. Physical Health – Nutrition: Limit fast food to only the weekends – Note to self: be realistic and give yourself flexibility during midterms or finals. It’s okay. You can do this! I know it may be difficult but YOU CAN DO IT.
  5. Social Health: Travel more! I am living in the East Coast and all I know is that I will be there until 2019, for sure. So I want to be sure to see it all: Philadelphia, Boston, New York, & more!
  6. Social Health: Explore more of DC with my new friends and the ones who are willing to to visit! I need to ensure I give myself social breaks in between the chaos of work and school.
  7. Creative Health: Read at least 5 books for leisure. Start writing the book that I’ve been dying to write.
  8. To hold myself accountable for the above goals I will note down monthly check-ins to reflect on these goals!!

Well I think I have most of it down!!! Now, my question to you all is have you reflected on your 2017? Have you used that reflection to create resolutions and goals for 2018? Also, I’d love to hear what you all did to ring in the New Year!!! Comment below!!!

With Love and Positive Vibes Always,





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