2017: A Reflection

You would think that my first post would be regarding the new year and everything that I want to do to ensure the new year is flawless. Truth be told, the best way to start a new chapter in my life is to reflect on the old.  This reflection will be the foundation of creating new memories built on determination, resilience, unwavering motivation and passion.

2017 has been one of the best years of my life. This has been the year I fell in love with the most important human there is: myself. This was the year I created the strongest relationship: with my faith. 2017 gave me the independence I had always been craving but feared.

This was the year I learned your strength comes from determination. The willingness to go to all lengths to achieve the dream. My life has never really gone to plan, I mean whose does? I live more on the spontaneous side because I believe God has a plan and if things do not go to plan – it is absolutely okay. Why fight the universe, especially when you Trust that the universe has a strange way of working for the best.  My strength comes from my determination to one day heal those who are unable to advocate for themselves. My strength comes from my determination to continue to fight for equal rights for all. My strength comes from my determination to overcome the obstacles that anyway throws in my pathway.

This year sent me across the country, to uncharted territory to experience life again for the first time. I moved from California to Washington D.C. to study an MPH. This was the first time I had ever moved outside a 200 mile radius of home (by home I mean my immediate family). The culture shock was intense. I learned the value of diversity, individuality and honestly – myself. I did not realize what a unique, amazing, exciting human being I was until I left my comfort zone. I did not know how capable I was of being a part of their world…without losing myself.  I realized how important it was to stay true to my values and morals while remaining open to new opportunities and experiences. Moving to DC, was like starting a new life, it was as if I was experiencing everything for the first time. Walking in a city unexplored and learning it’s quirks and unraveling the treasures it has to offer has been amazing.

This year has opened the possibilities to strive for greatness and reach my greatest potential – academically and creatively. I ended my chapter of service at one of the greatest clinics I had ever served. I learned the power of working with passionate individuals – one in particular who became my mentor and friend. She taught me to continue to reach for my dreams, to know my self-worth and never settle for less than the best. This was how I gained the courage to move across the country. Within weeks of me going to graduate school I befriended another mentor who continues to reach for the sky! Involving me to become a part of the team and push beyond limits to change the face of healthcare globally. I am beyond excited to see where all of this goes next year – honestly my time in DC motivated me to finally do this!

This was the year of resilience and resistance. I got rejected over 50 times and learned the power of trusting the universe. Although they hurt (for like 2.5 seconds) I continued to move forward and found something that the universe had prepared me for. My ability to bounce back has been something I have always had with me, but this year truly tested my resilience and I am pretty sure I passed! And after bouncing back, you feel new, bright and shiny! I learned the power of advocacy – in and outside of the healthcare field. The power of resistance and what one has the ability to achieve if they are truly passionate and determined. Although, politically, this year has been dreadful, I know that I have personally become so #woke. Understanding the odds and ends of the system and how, truly, unfavorable it was for those who came from similar backgrounds as mine, and as a woman of color.

This was the year of reconciliation. After many years of being lost and wrapped up in the thoughts of others, I fully became an independent, free thinker. This led to many instances where I rekindled old friendships or officially broke other relationships. The thought process was – I grew up. I matured in ways that either made me realize I was completely ridiculous as a college student, or those who were in my life currently just could not keep up. This part of my life is still under construction, but I’m sure it is like this for everyone? Moving forward I must keep in mind that I am detached, and a human being has no ability to control my thoughts, feelings, dreams and hopes. I am me and I choose who I want to be and will be.

This was the year that I adulted for the first time. The first time I learned to live without my car. The first time I viewed the world through my own set of eyes – without the biases of others influencing me. I gained my own perspective, my own truths, my own beliefs. I advocated for causes I believed in. I learned the power of my voice. I learned the power of the dreams I have yet to achieve. I learned the power of my potential ad what it can do for the good of mankind and my family.

With all that said, 2017 thank you. Thank you for all the memories, thank you for continuing the fuel my faith and thank you for the opportunities to continue to serve. I have loved every moment. Even the pain and the struggles – for those are what continue to fuel me as I move forward.

As I bid adieu to 2017, I want to kritically create New Year’s Goals (not resolutions) for 2018. And those you’ll be able to view in my first ever post for 2018! Have a happy a safe New Year’s Eve with those you want to bring in the New Year with. Be wise my loves!

With Love & Positive Vibes Always,


P.S I hope you all have the opportunity and sit down to reflect on the good, the bad and the amazing of 2017.




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