Welcome to my Humble Abode!

First of all, THANKS! Means the world that you happened to come across my site as you were surfing on the interwebs (do people even say that anymore!?). I’m so excited for you to check out my adventure! So I am positive you are wondering…what is this all about? Well, to be quite honest it is spontaneity working at it’s finest. It is my world, KriticallyAcclaimd, that  continues to grow as I do. What to expect if you dare to follow my adventures? —> inspiration, motivation, public health, medicine, my personal journey through life & more!

You still reading there?a Ahhh, I super appreciate it!

So yes, here is a look into my world. A Kritical Look. I promise you this is totally, KriticallyAcclaimd. Haha, see what I did there, yeah, that is a little bit of what you’re in for.

Remember as you peruse…this is the world through my eyes. These are my thoughts, feelings, visions, hopes and dreams. I definitely do not expect you to agree with everything – which is absolutely okay. Because I am also here to learn from all of you. Tell me what you think, challenge me, teach me something new and exciting. I hope that you read my posts with an open-mind and if you are feeling extra daring – comment!

Okay, I am 100% sure you are ready for this ride. Because I know I am so ready for you to read it. This is something I have been dying to do for the longest time, but never had to courage to put into words. So here it is. Ready? Let’s do this. 

Sit down, get comfortable and enjoy the ride through my eyes.

With Love & Positive Vibes Always,

P.S If Don’t see something here that you are dying to read about –  let me know – I would love to write about it.


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